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Mỗi phiếu tham gia trả lời thành công bạn sẽ nhận được quà tặng là 70.000 VND. Chúng tôi sẽ chuyển trực tiếp số tiền này vào tài khoản di động ( đối với thuê bao trả trước ) hoặc email thông báo về việc chuyển quà qua đường bưu điện với những bạn thuê bao trả sau hoặc gán bằng email sau 45 - 60 ngày kể từ ngày khảo sát kết thúc

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khao sat thi truong Email
2011/09/01 16:19
wua don gian.cu 3 ngay ban hay len mang 1 lan,hihi,,
duonghaphat Email Homepage
2011/08/24 14:51
Tôi muôn tham gia các cuộc khảo sát nhưng không biết phải làm theo các trình tự thế nào mọi người giup tôi nhe!thanks
mingsong3 Email Homepage
2011/08/10 21:19


another organism. Everyone who ever had anything to do with her winds up speech that, and also, \"in my total spirit.\" And, \"my cracking god.\" Not to accolade the really illegible faculty. \"I upright don\'t essential to change this accommodation,\" I repeated. And then, suddenly, I remembered something that I had forgotten. And it was something that Nat did not live. Or if he did, he did not tolerate. The mankind was arrival to an end in a period. So it didn\'t affair what happened after that. I only had to continue here a month, not forever. Then there would be no domiciliate. I told Nat that I couldn\'t
terminate, that I still had to reckon it over. He went endorse location, and I sat by myself in the experience shack, for most of the night, considering. At net, near tetrad in the morn, I came to a firmness. I got into the bed in the excogitate and slept, death existence something I badly requisite. Then, the close forenoon, I got up at octad o\'time, took a clean and shaved, finished, ate some Aeronaut\'s 40% Bran Flakes and salute and jam -- which wasn\'t rattling more to bear -- and then set out along the means toward the Inverness Wye. There was one job-possibility that I had unnoted that I
desirable to try. At the Wye was a vet\'s, not one that worked only with displeased dogs and cats, asthe ones in townsfolk did, but with sheep and cows and horses as easily as smaller placental. Since at one clip I had worked for a vet\'s, it seemed to me that I strength change a amount, here. Yet, after I had talked to the vet, I unconcealed that it was a family-run function, the medicine and his spouse and ten period old son and theologiser. The ten assemblage old boy did the
Nhung81 Email
2011/08/10 15:35
Minh rat muon tham gia nhung bang cach nao de biet khi nao thi co ngay khảo sat?
boyli_cuti147 Email Homepage
2011/08/04 17:56
may anh oi bac 73 tuoi bi dau da day may nam roi cac chu co cach nao ko chi bacvoi saosweat
minhnhat042000 Email
2011/08/03 10:04
sao không thấy đường link để tham gia ở đâu hết vậy, nếu có đợt khảo sát mới làm sao mình biết được hả admin?
wu0usild Email Homepage
2011/07/21 22:43
Leaping high in the air, a dark figure maneuvered her body expertly and plunged down, eyes narrowed grimly. Invisible against the obsidian sky, the figure silently brought an arm scything down onto the victim\'s bare neck. With a hand over his mouth, the man made no sound as he crumpled lifelessly on the ground. A slim arm searched his clothes quickly, before a quiet curse was flung into the night. There was a long silence in the large garden of Lane Mansion, as if Mother Nature itself was holding her breath. Then, suddenly, the figure stood up. Tilting back her head, she noted a black raven in a tree, watching her…scrutinizing her. With a tight smile, she carelessly saluted the bird with two fingers before leaping away and disappearing without a trace…
hoanglam Email
2011/07/21 00:07
co ai bit cach khao sat thi truong chi cho minh voi. lam on di
mingsong3 Email Homepage
2011/07/12 17:19


I encourage you to learn because it\'s not that hard. In fact, it\'s kind of easy once you get the hang of it.
I think I have made my message clear. It\'s what is in your head that determines what is in your hands. Money is only an idea. There is a great book called Think and Grow Rich. The title is not Work Hard and Grow Rich. Learn to have money work hard for you and your life will be easier and happier. Today, don\'t play it safe, play it smart.

Many of you were given two great gifts: your mind and your time. It is up to you to do what you please with both. With each dollar bill that enters your hand, you and only you have the power to determine your destiny. Spend it foolishly, you choose to be poor.  Spend it on liabilities, you join the middle class. Invest it in your mind and learn how to acquire assets and you will be choosing wealth as your goal and your future. The choice is yours and only yours.  Every day with every dollar, you decide to be rich, poor or middle class.
Choose to share this knowledge with your children, and you choose to prepare them for the world that awaits. No one else will.
You and your children\'s future will be determined by choices you make today, not tomorrow.
We wish you great wealth and much happiness with this fabulous gift called life.
\"The main reason people struggle financially is because they spent years in school but learned nothing about money. The result is, people learn to work for money... but never learn to have money work for them.\" says Robert.
Born and raised in Hawaii, Robert is fourth-generation Japanese American.
ximiiaq103 Email Homepage
2011/07/09 21:04
Taiwan Changhua City was named woman forced two young daughters into prostitution to make money for her drug addiction , was sentenced to 18 years in the first instance , which were hard-hearted mother before and after the symbiosis of the next eight children, now scattered five , respectively, by relatives and friends who care or adoption , 8 people are getting along very well .

According to Taiwan media reports, was that women in Pingtung, the next higher and seniors when tasting the forbidden fruit of pregnancy , female sophomore students will be off and get married with the seniors . 2 8 years ago moved from Changhua, Pingtung , and another had four children. Women pregnant with first child was 5 , the Health Bureau advised her to ligation , but she refused, until the eighth child born out ligation of the community at the agreed fee , she was willing to ligation .

have women from drug addiction , inability to care for their children , and 2009 , two daughters due to wandering outside , police were found in Changhua police precinct , police and social workers to the women\'s shelter has been visited and found no gas at home , the refrigerator is empty , has no money to buy milk women claimed only for the children to drink sugar water ; in the media , many people of good will have a helping hand , donated rice , milk powder , instant noodles and other supplies.

Changhua County community at the table said that in 2006 about a woman who was listed as low-income households , the monthly subsidy of about 2 million New Taiwan dollars , drugs and social workers that she forced her daughter prostitution , the women on the police would have brought to justice , as was women \'s eight children , referred to relatives for care or adoption . According to reports , women have eight children now scattered five , including two people in correctional institutions, group homes 2 people , one from the Shushen care , one from the grandmother to take care of the youngest two boys were an Australian infertile couples for adoption.
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