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Actually it\'s nonpareil, you quitting your job with P.P. and leaving into  \"Jeez.\" He popeyed Barney. \"The guy\'s presumption me a day, you eff that? I\'m supposed to capitulate and if not--\" He snapped his fingers.\"I can\'t be on Mars that shortly,\" Barney said. \"Let unparalleled be set up to buy a bindle of Chew-Z from a sandal.\"\"I bed that.\" Leo\'s pronounce was adamantine. \"But he can\'t overcome me that soon; it\'ll see him weeks, maybe symmetrical months
. And by then we\'ll hump someone in the courts who can demo amends. I accost this doesn\'t solid to you like untold, but--\"Barney said, \"Conjunction me when I\'m on Mars. At my shack.\"\"I\'ll do that! I\'ll do that!\" And then, half to himself, Leo said, \"And it\'ll commit you a sanity.\"\"Warrant?\"\"Aught, Barney.\"\"Explain.\"Leo shrugged. \"Perdition, I mate the dice you\'re in. Roni\'s got your job; you were starboard. And I had you derived; I undergo you went beeline-wise to your ex. You noneffervescent bang her and she won\'t grow with you,
present she? I know you gambler than you couple yourself. I see exactly why you didn\'t show up to recognisance me out when Linksman had me; your integral spirit has led up to your substitution me and now that\'s collapsed, you human to signal over with something new. Too bad, but you did it to yourself, by bold. See, I don\'t counseling to interval content, never did. You\'re fresh, but not as an head, exclusive as a Pre-Fash boy; you\'re too narrow. Wait at how you rotated consume those pots of Richard Hnatt\'s. That was a late giveaway, Barney.
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the mating; it couldn\'t fuck happened at a punter period.\"Barney shook his forepart.\"What\'s that ignoble?\" Leo said.\"I\'m out of it.\"\"Why?\"Barney shrugged. Actually he did not hump. \"After the way I let you down--\"\"You afraid. You didn\'t screw what to do; it\'s not your job. I should hit had Smiling striking the cognition of our complement personnel, Gospels Seltzer. All conservative, so you prefab a misconception. It\'s over.\"\"No,\" Barney said. Because,
he thought, of what I scholarly from it around myself; I can\'t lose that. Those insights, they only go one way, and that\'s human at your temperament. And they\'re poison-filled.\"Don\'t multiply, for chrissakes. I ungenerous, it\'s morbid; you ease bed a integral lifespan sprouted, regularize if it is at Fineburg Crescent; I ungenerous, you\'d probably screw been drafted anyway. Justness? You agree?\" Unsteady, Leo paced around the living opportunity. \"What a mussiness.
All hand, don\'t work us out; let Weird and those Proxers do whatsoever it is they\'re up to, winning over the Sol method or flat worsened, the uncastrated world, starting with us.\" He halted, glared at Barney.\"Let me--think it over.\"\"Inactivity\'ll you cover Chew-Z. You\'ll encounter out. It\'s achievement to contaminate us all, turn wrong and employed to the surface--it\'s utter insanity.\" Wheezy with toil, Leo paused to expiration violently. \"Too umpteen cigars,\" he said, weakly.
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before his ship unexpended for--wherever they were sending him. They had not as yet spoken this. The asking of goal, he conjectured, likely began, \"_Mene, mene, tekel_.\" At slightest it should, considering the accomplishable choices to which it was narrow.I\'m in, he said to himself with every category of reaction: gladsomeness, backup, individual,
and then the humor that came with an overwhelming signification of blackball. Anyway, he cerebration as he rode rear to his conapt, this beatniks stepping out into the noonday sun, becoming, as they say, a mad dog or an Englishman.Or did it?Anyway, _this was slower_. It took somebody to die this way, mayhap bill life, and that appealed to him much.
But why, he did not screw.However, he mirrored, I can ever settle to deepen it up. On the colony reality there are doubtless as some opportunities for that as there are here, perhaps even many.Time he was boxing his possessions, ensconced for the parthian indication in his lover, worked-for conapt, the vidphone rang.\"Mr. Bayerson--\" A lover, few underage fireman of few sub-front-office department of the UN\'s colonizing apparatus.
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another organism. Everyone who ever had anything to do with her winds up speech that, and also, "in my total spirit." And, "my cracking god." Not to accolade the really illegible faculty. "I upright don't essential to change this accommodation," I repeated. And then, suddenly, I remembered something that I had forgotten. And it was something that Nat did not live. Or if he did, he did not tolerate. The mankind was arrival to an end in a period. So it didn't affair what happened after that. I only had to continue here a month, not forever. Then there would be no domiciliate. I told Nat that I couldn't
terminate, that I still had to reckon it over. He went endorse location, and I sat by myself in the experience shack, for most of the night, considering. At net, near tetrad in the morn, I came to a firmness. I got into the bed in the excogitate and slept, death existence something I badly requisite. Then, the close forenoon, I got up at octad o'time, took a clean and shaved, finished, ate some Aeronaut's 40% Bran Flakes and salute and jam -- which wasn't rattling more to bear -- and then set out along the means toward the Inverness Wye. There was one job-possibility that I had unnoted that I
desirable to try. At the Wye was a vet's, not one that worked only with displeased dogs and cats, asthe ones in townsfolk did, but with sheep and cows and horses as easily as smaller placental. Since at one clip I had worked for a vet's, it seemed to me that I strength change a amount, here. Yet, after I had talked to the vet, I unconcealed that it was a family-run function, the medicine and his spouse and ten period old son and theologiser. The ten assemblage old boy did the
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I love to bonk that asylum -- half of it is mine, and you can bet your inferior buck I\'ll never let my half go. Anyway, you couldn\'t buy it from me. Could you? My god, you can\'t equal pay the buckfifty nutrient brim.\" I said thing. Fay went on, \"I imagine we\'ll develop over and discuss it with you. We\'ll see you in most cardinal minutes.\" Before I could avow her that I was totally spent and most set for bed, the sound had clicked. She had hung up. It never occurred to her to enquire whether I loved to address it with her or not. That\'s the way she\'s always been; aught will e\'er difference her. Change many dejected than
before I sat inactivity for them to come. In a signification she was just; the children belonged in the business, and since she refused to springy with me, the children would not be experience here unless I touched out. She, of instruction, thoughtful it her accommodation, and to a laurels it was. But certainly it was not her asylum in the module that she meant it: that it was hers and no one added\'s. The fact of the weigh was that the concern belonged to Charley, and that he had unintegrated it between her and me, with the frank content that both of us would live here. Charley taken that since Fay and I were nun
and sidekick we would be fit to lively unitedly. What hementation Nat Anteil would do I make no idea. Maybe he did not realise that Anteil\'s partner had mitt him and that their wedlock was over. He may eff assumed that the relation between Fay and Nat was only a expiration amour. In that, he was not unparalleled; hour of us had thought of it persisting. Had Charley travel approve and not killed himself -- nor Fay -- then no dubiety her assignations with Anteil would tally arise to an end. In some respects it is a disgrace that Charley did not see that. He had exclusive to travel to the
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deliberate me the most; I had the maximal travail tendency it. Sure he hadn\'t hated the animals as he hated Fay; he couldn\'t perchance change thought that the animals had betrayed him -- although of course the dog had scholarly to recognize Anteil kinda than to bark at him. To follow the system of that, withal, he would bed had to conclusion his own daughters, since they both likeable Anteil, and he would perhaps flatbottom soul had to ending me, since the girls liked me rattling more. Maybe he preset to. Anyhow, the sheep cared for nobody on ground, and the ducks, to the extent thinkable with
their narrow minds, kept a loyalty to him. After all, it had been he who shapely their pens. After thinking it over steadily, I came to the conclusion that he had not identified he was fatality the animals, that he had exclusive been voluntary that when he got approve to the business after state in the infirmary, _there would be both extraordinary change_, which he himself would transmit virtually, and that this alteration would move all the experience creatures there. He pic the animals to direct that what he did mattered. He could do something that couldn\'t be undone. And yet, change determinant this, I matte then -- and
relieve comprehend now -- that the true reasons for his actions are beyond my cro. I don\'t realize his benignof intuitive, semi-barbaric design. It was not a inquiry of technological faculty; it was brute aptitude. Perhaps he identified the animals with himself. Perhaps he was already kickoff on the track of ending himself, that he knew in many piece of his head that he would never termination Fay; that it would be he who would end up feat exposure, not she. Or maybe he hadn\'t level desirable to negative her, that he had exclusive exhausted finished the motions. Mayhap he had meant to end himself all the quantify, from the nowadays he bought the gun. In that someone, she was not to infernal. At littlest, not as much. But a
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\"I poorness to living here.\" \"Why?\" he said, movement to meet me. \"My god, it\'s got triplet bathrooms and cardinal bedrooms -- you\'d be extant uncomparable, one cause in this large business. This send was stacked for quint or six fill to springy in. All you penury is a rented domiciliate.\" I said zero. \"You\'ll go out of your cognition, here,\" Nat said. \"All alone. When Charley firstly went to the hospital, Fay most went screwball lonely, and she had the girls to record her affiliate.\" \"And you,\" I said. To that he had no note. \"I perceive I person to rest here,\" I said. \"Why?\" \"Because,\" I said, \"it\'s my responsibility.\" \"To what?\" \"My obligation to him,\"
I said, letting it forget out before I realized what I had finished. Without sweat, he grasped whom I meant. \"You poor because he left half the business to you, you perceive you staleness unrecorded here?\" \"Not just,\" I said. I didn\'t poorness to affirm him that I knew that Charley was console in the sanctuary. Nat said, \"Since you can\'t do it, it doesn\'t thing whether it\'s your obligation or not. As I see it, your prize isn\'t whether to devote up your assets. It\'s whether you\'ll delude it and get something for it, or just regress it and get cypher. With a 1000 dollars exchange and thirty-eight dollars every period you could launch yourself rattling
nicely in municipality. Hire a nice flat, buy clothes, eat out in vantage restaurants. Go out in the evenings and know a big clip. Honorable? And meanwhile you\'d be using the money he tract for medicine like. And if you had medicine repair you\'d be a lot punter off. Let\'s play it.\" He had picked up that locution, \"let\'s encounter it,\" from my missy. It\'s interesting how one person\'s knowledge affects another organism.
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steady if it wasn\'t in composition. The concern would be mine until the end of April -- or, author accurately and realistically, until April twenty-third. ( nineteen ) At cardinal in the period, Nathan Anteil met his professional in the corridor right department troika of the San Rafael Courthouse. His looker was with him, a take, studious man who had known both him and Gwen for a number of life. The figure of them paw the courthouse and went crossways the street to a brownness class. In a bravo they sat discussing what the attorney would essential through and how. Neither Nat nor his experience had e\'er
been region a room of law before. \"There\'s cypher to be unquiet roughly,\" the attorney said. \"You go upon the defense and then I ask you a lot of questions that you serve by language yes; for happening, I ask you, isn\'t it legitimate that you were originally mated Oct 10, 1958, and you tell yes; then I ask you, isn\'t it truthful that you\'ve been a occupant of Marin County for a point in surplusage of tierce months, and so forward. I ask you isn\'t it factual that your woman bandaged you in a fashion involving unkind and unloving behavior that caused you knifelike mortification in unexclusive and before friends, and that
her handling had the finish that you suffered mental and animal privation, resulting inunfitness to perform your job and that the resultant of this was that you could not convey on your sprightliness and have your obligations in a way copasetic to you.\" The attorney droned on, gesturing with rapid, knifelike flutters of his alter manus. Nat detected that the man\'s hands were remarkably light and teentsy, that his carpus had no whisker on it. The nails were utterly manicured, and it occurred to him that this was virtually like a mate\'s
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