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I use the following story as a final example of a financial problem that confronts many young families today. How do you afford a good education for your children and provide for your own retirement? It is an example of using financial intelligence instead of hard work to achieve the same goal.
A friend of mine was griping one day about how hard it was to save money for his four children\'s college education.
He was putting $300 away in a mutual fund each month and had so far accumulated about $12,000.  He estimated he needed $400,000 to get four children through college. He had 12 years to save for it, since his oldest child was then 6 years of age.
The year was 1991, and the real estate market in Phoenix was terrible. People were giving houses away. I suggested to my classmate that he buy a house with some of the money in his mutual fund. The idea intrigued him and we began to discuss the possibility. His primary concern was that he did not have the credit with the bank to buy another house, since he was so over-extended. I assured him that there were other ways to finance a property other than through the bank.
We looked for a house for two weeks, a house that would fit all the criteria we were looking for. There were a lot to choose from, so the shopping was kind of fun. Finally, we found a 3 bedroom 2 bath home in a prime neighborhood. The owner had been downsized and needed to sell that day because he and his family were moving to California where another job waited.
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Moral of the story: Buy the pie and cut it in pieces. Most people look for what they can afford, so they look too small. They buy only a piece of the pie, so they end up paying more for less.  Small thinkers don\'t get the big breaks. If you want to get richer, think bigger first.
Retailers love giving volume discounts, simply because most business people love big spenders.  So even if you\'re small, you can always think big. When my company was in the market for computers, I called several friends and asked them if they were ready to buy also. We then went to different dealers and negotiated a great deal because we wanted to buy so many. I have done the same with stocks. Small people remain small because they think small; act alone, or don\'t act all.
?Learn from history. All the big companies on the stock exchange started out as small companies.  Colonel Sanders did not get rich until after he lost everything in his 60s.  Bill Gates was one of the richest men in the world before he was 30.
?Action always beats inaction.
These are just a few of the things I have done and continue to do to recognize opportunities. The important words being \"done\" and \"do\". As repeated many times throughout the book, you must take action before you can receive the financial rewards. Act now!
As the book draws to a close and approaches publication, I would like to share a final thought with you. The main reason I wrote this book was to share insights into how increased financial intelligence can be used to solve many of life\'s common problems. Without financial training, we all too often use the standard formulas to get through life, such as to work hard, save, borrow and pay excessive taxes. Today we need better information.
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2011/07/09 21:08
Japan Meteorological Agency announced Monday , the day local time 2:20 am (GMT 22 morning 1:20 minutes ), Japan waters near the Ogasawara Islands, a magnitude 7.4 earthquake occurred . Japan Meteorological Agency immediately issued a tsunami alert , this alert all in 5 hours after release .

the earthquake epicenter is located at 143.4 degrees east longitude , latitude 27.5 degrees Ogasawara Islands waters , focal depth 10 km. Ogasawara Islands quake to 4 , in eastern Japan including Tokyo and the northeast in general have felt.

learned that the Izu Islands earthquake caused the maximum to six -meter-high tsunami . While the Ogasawara Islands, also reached a three -meter-high tsunami .

The earthquake caused no casualties and property losses . However, the Japanese Meteorological Agency earthquake and tsunami monitoring Division Yokoyama Bowen said: next week will most likely happen with the tsunami of the magnitude 6.5 aftershock .

waters near Japan\'s Ogasawara Islands, the recent seismic activity , local time 12:25 minutes last month on the 30th , the Ogasawara Islands, western Richter 6.9 earthquake, the focal depth of 480 km.

Japan\'s Ogasawara Islands, an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean , 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo , Tokyo, administrative divisions are under the jurisdiction of the Ogasawara village . ( Correspondent Sun Ran )
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2011/07/09 21:06
to conceal evidence , a June 14 , Dushan \'s Court sentenced the case of a protagonist Teng year and six months imprisonment .

identified by the court , March 16, 2010 15 am, to raise drug money , Teng a defendant released from prison soon , off for two in Dushan county near the victim carry Luomou the value of wearing a pair of gold earrings of $ 1,000 away , eventually Teng was the scene of a mass and heard about the police arrested. Teng in the escape of a person is not prepared to take advantage of the process will be a rush to gold earrings belly swallowed , under false pretenses . Who knows when I could not resist the police interrogation spot spit . ( Lijie , high Ronghua )
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2011/07/09 21:05
According to the Associated Press reported, Portugal on Wednesday (6) to the European Union to seek assistance to alleviate the severe domestic debt crisis. Portugal, Greece and Ireland have become the third after the euro-zone countries seeking assistance.  
Although in the past few months, Prime Minister Jose Socrates insisted that the Portuguese able to deal with debt problems without assistance. But in a televised speech that day, he said that the domestic economic situation is deteriorating rapidly, international assistance is necessary. Although he did not explicitly said how much money, but analysts said the Portuguese at least 80 billion euros (about $ 114 billion).  
money for the EU, or within a tolerable range, unless the other euro-zone countries, especially Portugal\'s neighbor Spain, but also to the European Union for assistance.  
other EU countries in the past few months, the Portuguese Government has been urged to apply for assistance, because very worried about the debt crisis will affect the Portuguese stability of the euro area: Germany, Spain and the Portuguese bank to buy a lot of debt , and in order to persuade investors to continue buying its bonds, the Portuguese have to pay huge interest, which is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain.  
many analysts believe that the European Union and the International Monetary Fund rescue package as soon as possible will help Portugal weather the storm. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso (Jose Manuel Barroso), said in a statement then, the EU will deal with Portugal as soon as possible of the request for assistance. The IMF also said, ready to help Portugal cope with sovereign debt crises, although the Portuguese government has not yet received the request.  
Portugal is one of the poorest countries in Western Europe, 17 countries in the euro area is also one of the most vulnerable economies. The debt crisis also caused a political storm: In response to domestic debt crisis, Prime Minister Jose Socrates has proposed to tighten policy, rather than rely on outside assistance. This proposal met with strong opposition from the opposition, eventually leading to his resignation two weeks ago, Socrates, but he agreed to continue as caretaker Prime Minister until the June elections.  
As a result, EU policy makers in addition to ready money, in addition, had to face a political trouble: a caretaker cabinet has limited powers, whether the application itself is an open question. Socrates said in his speech, the opposition wish to apply for assistance to get the support. As a caretaker cabinet in the development of severe fiscal austerity program and the limited power, analysts believe that fiscal tightening is likely to be conditions attached to EU aid.  
However, investors are most concerned about is not the Portuguese, but its neighbor Spain. As Portugal\'s largest creditor nation, Spain\'s fourth-largest among the euro zone economy, in the event of a similar crisis, needs EU aid will be unable to bear. In this regard, the Spanish government austerity measures have been taken to avoid becoming the next euro-zone countries to apply for assistance.
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2011/07/09 21:02
According to foreign reports , the African Union announced on the 9th in Côte d\'Ivoire President Laurent Gbagbo was elected president to power before the transfer Ouattara , Côte d\'Ivoire suspension of membership .

the AU Peace and Security Commissioner Lamamra (Ramtane Lamamra) in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa said the AU has suspended the membership of Côte d\'Ivoire , Ouattara took office .

Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Carlsson (Johnnie Carson) that the United States is prepared to

he said: the government will face isolation .

April 2 , Ivorian Independent Electoral Commission announced that opposition leader , former Prime Minister Ouattara won the election. However, the Division announced the abolition of the Constitutional Council on the 3rd Division seven cities of the northern vote count , the incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo said the second round of voting in the presidential election victory . They were sworn in as president 4 , triggering the international community.

ECOWAS 7th Division issued a statement supporting Ouattara became a new president , and urged Gbagbo to admit electoral defeat , as soon as the transfer of power. UN Security Council also issued a statement calling on all parties to accept Prime Minister Ouattara to become the new president of Côte d\'Ivoire election results .
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2011/07/09 20:59
2011年3 31, a refuge in Fukushima Prefecture , was born on March 15 being the baby Nagashima Rio nuclear radiation detection . Her first refuge from the Fukushima nuclear power plant about 70 km. The hospital she was born from the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima only about 50 km.
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2011/07/09 20:50
According to the British

has now confirmed that 250,000 sports fans in the first round draw for tickets lost . But worse, the Olympic Games tickets in high demand , the 1.8 million applicants , 55% failed to get any tickets.

organizers spokesman declined to comment on the matter , said the final outcome of the first round of the draw to come out until next week .

but Olympic insiders say the demand for the flood of tickets so that they are surprised , especially the demand for cheap seats is several times the existing capacity .

they believe the economic downturn, most of the tickets to the applicant chose to leave the center of the longest D and C class seats.

final project for the popular , such as swimming, track cycling and gymnastics , all regions of the seat needs are beyond the actual capacity several times .

draw in the first round of ticket buyers can participate in unsuccessful at the end of the second round of balloting, the principle is first come first served , although they almost certainly have to pay more money than expected .

some of the items fans can turn to more expensive Class A and Class B tickets , some of the price over a thousand pounds. In fact, all the popular items to buy tickets have been impossible to get .

LOCOG is in the final verification of credit card payments, the success of ticket buyers in the June 24 informed of the results of their seats .

many also apply a number of game tickets are now do not know where to farm them eventually .

London Olympic tickets on sale to the public a total of 6.6 million , 75% of all tickets , tickets to be reserved for the rest of the sponsors , broadcasters , media, international sports organizations , foreign visitors , the National Olympic Committee , IOC members and other important guests.

thousands of tickets were unsuccessful last week said he was very disappointed and said the lack of effective ticket information for the anger .
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